At NewCastle Roofing we offer excellent complementary services to complete your new roofing job. Our additional services include:

• New Installation
• Whole House Replacement
• Siding Repairs

• Gutter Replacement
• Gutter Guards
• Leaf Protection

Create added natural light with the addition of a skylight or update an inefficient older design with a new skylight.

Ventilation Systems
Ventilation systems are crucial to prevent damage and toxic black mold situations. Call for a free inspection.

Window & Door Repair / Replacement
Save energy by repairing or updating old drafty windows and doors.

Interior & Exterior Painting
Maintaining exterior paint is crucial to the protection of exposed wood. We also offer interior water damage repair and painting.

Chimney & Masonry Repair
Rain and freezing weather create damage to the mortar and masonry on your house. Call for a free inspection and estimate.

Home Improvements
If you are looking to add-on or enhance your home we can help. Give us a call today to discuss your home improvement needs. We can assist you in:
• Home Additions
• Patios & Decks
• Basement Finishing
• Kitchen & Bath Remodeling